Introducing - The Whisky Curators’ - Vivid Expressions in Whisky

Introducing - The Whisky Curators’ - Vivid Expressions in Whisky

After several months of planning, the Wemyss Malts team is proud to unveil a beautiful new creative world for our portfolio of whiskies. Each of our collections now sits under the evocative and inviting title Vivid Expressions in WhiskyWhether it’s our Blended Malts or exclusive Single Casks, our meticulous approach to creating our whiskies has always been one of careful curation. We relish the possibilities that exist in whisky; an endlessly inspiring spectrum of nuance and character, flavour and finish. 

As a team, we explore whisky through a creative and curious lens, and are ever-eager to welcome people in to experience the captivating world surrounding this spirit which we love so well. 

It's from this expertise and passion that thoughts around being Whisky Curators came about; it’s an evocative title which perfectly captures our way of doing things. 

Over the coming days, weeks and months, we look forward to introducing you to some refreshing new updates to our packaging and online social content. 

For now, why not explore our updated website and discover more about our Whisky Formula and creative approach on the About Us page here[ LINK].

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