Concluding our Meet the Team series is Mike McGrail, Head of Content.

"I’m a marketer by trade, but my career has been a wonderful zig-zag! I’ve been everything from a Bar Manager to a football coach in The USA. Marketing has been the constant however, and I’ve worked in many different roles, with work in whisky and gin being a continual feature. When I ran my own consultancy and video production company, I had a number of clients in the spirits world, from startups to brand giants, and ultimately that work is what lead to me becoming Head of Content for Wemyss Family Spirits.

I love telling stories, and the whisky world is full of them, from the highly crafted liquid itself, to the people and places that make whisky what it is. My role really centres around that very thing – making sure we give people the chance to come along with us as we push Wemyss Malts further down the path of its own tale.

You’ll often find me out in the fresh air with a camera and a crew, creating videos and imagery that can be seen across our social media, websites and beyond. I try my best to be as creative as possible, as we’re operating in an area that has a lot of noise and competition. It’s about constantly driving things forward and adapting.
When it comes to whisky, I like to keep it simple, I tend to drink it neat, but am also very partial to an Old Fashioned or Whisky Sour. This shot was taken on a recent photo-shoot in a bar, I’ve made an Old Fashioned with The Hive – I love the contrast of the sweet notes and the sharpness of bitters."

Follow Mike's whisky journey on Instagram at @wemyss_mike

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