Next up in our Meet the Team series, introducing Kimberley Roy, our Direct Sales Coordinator.

"I have been in hospitality for over a decade (which is very scary to say!), working in various bars and restaurants, from hostess, festival staff, trade shows, managing pubs to marketing for independents. I have loved working in hospitality and have made life-long friends, memories and had some of the best experiences. When the opportunity came to join Wemyss Family Spirits I jumped at the chance as my passion for spirits has always been there.

I recently joined the sales team as Direct Sales Coordinator, responsible for ensuring all of our customers' orders are placed efficiently and that the experience is as positive as possible for our trade customers. Whether post-shipping support, newsletters, or just keeping in touch, we want to create the best experience and bring our customers along on our journey when purchasing any Wemyss Malts, Kingsbarns Distillery, or Darnley's Gin product.

Today I have chosen to enjoy our Peat Chimney and Soda Highball with a mint garnish. As we see glimmers of sunshine starting to appear, this is a perfect way to enjoy and refreshingly flavoursome whisky. I especially enjoy the smokiness of the whisky juxtaposed with refreshing mint. Trust me - these are a bit too easy to drink!"

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