Is Whisky only a winter drink?

Is Whisky only a winter drink?

Like the answer to many questions about seasonality and suitability of a spirit to a certain time: it depends...

In this case, whether whisky is barricaded as a classic winter tipple to warm the soul and send one off into a dreamful sleep, is completely in the palate of the beholder if you will.

However, we think that, so long as you have chosen the right whisky, it can be enjoyed - suitably - at any time of year! Wemyss Malts has a tremendously broad offering of whisky and we're sure you can almost find one perfectly suited to every month if you really wanted to.

Here are some top picks for the summer months ahead:

Award winning Highballs

With our Peat Chimney Highball outperforming many of its competitors at this year's IWSC, we thought this would be the perfect place to start!

Peated whiskies are normally reserved for the winter months for their warming notes but in a highball, this has a refreshing, light air about it. This is not to take away from a highball with The Hive or Spice King as they offer equally as summery feelings through the sweet and spicy palate. And with a 'Hiveball' you get the bubbly joy mixed with the nectary notes of summer.

For those unaware, a 'Highball' consists of ice in a tall glass with one part Scotch to three parts Soda. It is quickly regaining recognition as the way to preserve the enjoyment of whisky for a longer time. As an easy thing to make we would certainly recommend you try this classic if you haven't already!

Summery Drams

Nectar Grove is an exclusive Limited Edition small batch, hand-crafted Scotch whisky with a beautifully succulent character. With maturation in ex-Madeira wine casks, there is a certain Mediterranean twang on this scotch adding a luxurious complexity and summery tones.

That should be enough and excitement to get you through to at least September but if you are after something a little more special and rare then head over to our Single Cask releases to find some very covetable drams. This editor would certainly recommend Springtime Dew and First Wind for that over arching summer feeling of release, comfort and smiles all round.

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