A Walk In The Orchard | 15 YO Macduff 70cl

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A Walk In The Orchard | 15 YO Macduff 70cl

A Walk In The Orchard | 15 YO Macduff 70cl

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Only 15 available online. Limited release from our Cask Collection.

Brimming with autumn fruit - apples, pears, toasted nuts and a long finish of caramelised apples. 

Distillery: Macduff

Region: Highland

Bottles in cask: 296

Matured in: Barrel

Vintage year: 2006

ABV: 46%

The notes

Nose: Bouquet of sweet meadow flowers and old varnished antique wood. Soft vanilla develops into caramel tones, followed by orchard fruits and a subtle finish of barley sugar. 

Palate: A bright palate with gingery caramelised apples and butterscotch sauce. The sweet jasmine notes give way to herbal tones, like fresh coriander.

Finish: Slightly dry and malty likened to a stem ginger oat biscuit. One you will want to keep coming back to. 

Comes with gift box.

About the Single Cask Collection

Hand-selected from some of Scotland's finest distilleries, each expression in our Single Cask Collection reflects the one-of a kind nuances of production, season and cask influence in Scotch single malt whisky. Evocatively named and beautifully presented, our Single Cask releases are extremely rare and highly-covetable.