70CL | 46% abv.



Known for its sweet spicy character, this malt whisky is a complexly constructed blend of multiple single malts from across Scotland with a peppery and maritime signature malt from the Highland Islands.


Rich gold

A rich marmalade glaze on baked pastries with a dusting of cinnamon. Baked syrup sponge smothered with salted caramel sauce with aromas of orange blossom and well-polished wood

Toasted oat and ginger biscuits with nuggets or walnut and crystalised fruits, warm from the oven, and enjoyed with a mug of spiced hot chocolate. Fine leather mingles with damp heather buffeted by coastal sea spray

A toasted warmth lingers with tingling cracked pepper


Cheese: Black Crowdie (Gruth Dhu). This soft cows' milk cheese is rolled in Scottish pinhead oatmeal and crushed black peppercorns making it a perfect accompaniment to the cereal rich and peppery notes of Spice King.

Meat: A perfect accompaniment to Haggis, Neeps and Tatties. Feel free to add a splash of Spice King into your balmoral whisky sauce.

Dessert: The aromatic spices of a Pumpkin Pie or a Pear and Ginger Crumble complement Spice King perfectly.

Beer: Odell Brewing 90 shilling. This beer uses rich British crystal malt and a little chocolate malt which provides an intense toffee and spice note to the medium-bodied amber ale. It pairs perfectly with the sandalwood aromas and salted caramel flavours of the Spice King and holds up to the peppery spice and smoke as it is a stronger beer, in fact start with the beer and finish with the whisky as the toffee notes will intensify.

Brilliant display of rich tannins: hickory moscovado suagar and a nibbling, gently smoked spice link to excellent effect
— Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2019

To create our blended malt Scotch Whiskies our blending team work to a secret recipe of Base, Support and Signature malts to craft each bottling

Base Malts:
The base of the blend is made from a complex mixture of

• Malt whiskies from the Lowlands that provides citrus and grassy notes.
• Malt whiskies from the Highlands that provides deeper malt notes and mild spice.
• Malt whiskies from the Speyside that provide body and mellow fruit sweetness.

Support Malts:
These malts are charcterful and poweful malts used sparingly to aid direct provding some back bone (or support) to the base of the blend. For Spice King we have used:

• A small amount of Islay malt that provides depth and finish.

Signature Malts:
We have chosen West Coast Highland Island malt whisky that is medium peated and Wormtub condensed to provide spicy, oily character with subtle smoke and salt notes.

The Blend:
Citric Lowland, malty Highland and fruity Speyside whisky make the bulk malts with a support of smoky Islay used to craft the core. Combining Highland Island malts makes for a complex, spicy whisky.



50 ml Wemyss Malts Spice King

100ml Normandy Cider

50ml Fevertree

Ginger Ale

Method: In the glass build over broken block ice and stir with a swizzle

Glass: Half-pint Beer Tankard

Garnish: Caramelised apple crisp and straw

Additionally we recommend The Hive as a Tailor-made Old Fashioned



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