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THE Core Range

Flavourful Scotch malt whiskies, each masterfully blended to unveil delectable aromas and tastes.


Spice King

A spicy combination of malt whiskies from throughout Scotland that delivers sweet, spice and smoke.


The Hive

A perfect marriage of sweet, light malts delivering rich scents and flavours of honey and fruit.


Peat Chimney

Smoky, maritime flavours balanced with citric sweetness thanks to a masterfully crafted blend of malts.


Batch Strength

WEMYSS MALTS – BATCH STRENGTH, LIMITED EDITION is a range of blended malts, each bottled at the strength chosen to be ideal for the character of the individual limited edition.


Spice King

Batch No.002 is created from Single Malts with signature spicy flavours that combine rich cereal notes and aromatic spices and a peppery smoke finish.


The Hive

Batch No.002 is created from single malts with signature sweet flavours that combines to form complex characters of citrus fruit and sumptuous honey.


Peat Chimney

Batch No.002 is created from single malts with smoky characters that weave layers of smoke to form an intensely powerful yet sweet finish.


Limited EditionS

Accompanying the Core Range, Wemyss Malts frequently blend a Limited Edition blended malt that has been created from a recipe using a finite stock of extraordinary whiskies and bottled at 46% and non chill-filtered.

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Nectar Grove

The latest Limited Edition offers delectable aromas and morish fruit flavours thanks to additional maturation in ex-Madeira wine barrels.


ThE Family Collection

Selecting the finest spirits of scotland. Sourcing the best in oak casks. Hand selected only when the spirit and wood are in absolute harmony. Expertly blended to represent a singular style of whisky.


Treacle ChesT

Wemyss malts family collection - treacle chest is a blend of two single malt whiskies from the highland region that have been matured in 14 1st fill Ex-sherry hogshead casks.


Vanilla Burst

Wemyss malts family collection - vanilla burst is a blend of two single malt whiskies from the speyside region that have been matured in 15 1st fill Ex-bourbon barrels.



Single Cask

Wemyss Malts source unique and distinctive casks from distilleries across Scotland and bottle them only once they have passed the scrutiny of our panel of tasters. Each are named to reflect the unique aromas and flavours found within these extremely limited bottlings.



Exclusive monthly release for our Wemyss Malts Whisky Club


The wider family of Wemyss Malts consists of several expert producers and makers of award-winning wines and spirits.

Kingsbarns Single Malt Distillery

Explore our light and delicately flavoured single malt Scotch whisky, meticulously produced at our craft distillery Kingsbarns, in the Kingdom of Fife; the ancestral home of Wemyss family.

Darnley’s Gin

An award-winning range of London Dry,Scottish Gins produced in the Kingdom of Fife on the East coast of Scotland.

Lord Elcho Blended Scotch Whisky

A smooth and outstanding Blended Scotch Whisky to be enjoyed by the adventurous and bold. It is crafted from a large proportion of single malt and weaved together with quality grain whiskies.

Domaine de Rimauresq

In the heart of Provence wine, the vineyard of Rimauresq extends over 60 hectares, at the foot of Notre Dame des Anges. The Grand Cru Classe winery produces award winning Rose, and other wines traditional to the region.