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The Tailor-made Old Fashioned

Wemyss Malts version on the Old Fashioned appreciates the beauty and simplicity of this cocktail and how it can be utilized to complement the spirit being used.

Wemyss Malts flavour led, Scottish blended malts, provide distinctive and flavourful whiskies to tailor-make the cocktail to a person’s individual tastes.


50ml - Wemyss Malts blended malt Scotch whisky: THE HIVE, SPICE KING or PEAT CHIMNEY

15ml - Simple sugar syrup or a brown sugar cube muddled in water

2 to 3 - Dashes of bitters

Orange peel - to garnish


Pour your choice of either THE HIVE, SPICE KING or PEAT CHIMNEY blended malt over chunky ice in a rocks glass. Muddle the sugar (syrup or cube) with the bitters into the mix and gradually stir for several minutes to chill and blend all ingredients together. Garnish with orange peel or twist.

How would you like your Old Fashioned; Sweet, Spicy or Smoky?


Old Fashioned Rocks Tumbler


Pinch and twist a slce of fresh orange peel over the glass to release the aromatic bitters and place over the cocktail.



Watch how to make a Tailor-made Old Fashioned here.