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Whisky Range Non Chill Filtered
The Hive
Spice King
Peat Chimney

Whisky Range Batch Strength
The Hive Batch Strength
Spice King Batch Strength
Peat Chimney Batch Strength

Batch Strength Information Pack

Whisky Range 8yo
Peat Chimney 8yo
Spice King 8yo
The Hive 8yo

Whisky Range 12yo
The Hive 12yo

Peat Chimney 12yo

Spice King 12yo

Family Collection
Vanilla Burst
Treacle Chest

Single Cask Autumn 2017 Release
Herb and Lime Salsa
Bittersweet Baklava
The Viceroy's Elixir
Mocha on the Deck
Carpaccio Salsa Verde
Stewed Fruit Relish
A Liquorice Potion
Forest Fresh
Under the Lemon Tree
Apple Blossom
Trawlerman's Satchel
Princess Torte

Single Cask February 2017 Release
The Ship's Decanter
Scallop Diver's Dram
Peppered Biltong
Mango Anise Sorbet
Spiced Apple Strudel
Apple Syllabub
Tiramisu Layers
Hedgerow Berries

Single Cask Autumn 2016
Hickory Molasses Glaze
Pear Creme
Ginger Glazed Gammon
Blossom Nectar
Pomme Piquante
Oak For All Seasons
Persian Anise
Frangipane Canape
Haven Trail
Barbecue Mango Salsa
Cream of the Crop
Frosted Molasses Tart

Single Cask June 2016 Release
Information Sheets
Single Cask Arbor in Bloom
Single Cask Summer Breeze
Single Cask Spiced Rum Baba
Single Cask Fields of Barley
Single Cask Lemon Buttered Kippers
Single Cask Briny Tangle
Single Cask Banquet of Fruits
Single Cask Nuts About Pears!
Single Cask Mocha Moment

Single Cask April 2016 Release
Single Cask Shellfish Platter
Single Cask The Admiral's BeaconSingle Cask Waffles & Ice Cream
Single Cask Chocolate Orange SegmentSingle Cask Flambe Fruit
Single Cask Rosy Apple Brulee