Happy International Women's Day 2024!

Happy International Women's Day 2024!

Today (8th March) we join the global celebration of women's accomplishments in social, economic, cultural, and political spheres. As we mark International Women’s Day 2024, we are excited to bring you insights from the inspiring women behind Wemyss Malts, shedding light on their experiences as women in the contemporary whisky industry.

Isabella Wemyss - Production Director

Isabella Wemyss International Women's Day

“My side of the business is very much a man’s world, and often I am one of the few women in the room.  It’s reassuring to know, however, that as a business we are committed to equal opportunities and I work day to day with some wonderful women in other areas.  We are all in this together, irrespective of gender!”


Kirsty McKinnon - Brand Manager, Wemyss Malts

Kirsty Mackinnon Wemyss Malts


As a brand manager working with Isabella Wemyss (our Director of Production) and a female-centric marketing team, I am constantly inspired by the creativity and skill of the women I work alongside. We share a commitment to excellence, a love for our craft, and a vision for a more inclusive whisky industry. On this International Women's Day, I’ll be raising a dram to the women who have paved the way, the women who are leading the charge, and the women who will shape the future of whisky. Cheers to them all, you're truly an inspiration!.

Ginny Boswell - European Regional Sales Manager 

Ginny Boswell International Women's Day
I am hugely privileged to be supported by both a great team of women at Wemyss, but also a fantastic network of female friends who also work in this industry. Together we strive to eradicate myths about whisky drinking and to challenge stereotypes of whisky drinking in this day and age. Together, there is nothing that we cannot achieve.”
Everest Marshall - Key Account Manager, Scotland

Everest Marshall

"On my first IWD since joining the industry, I'm grateful to the women who have paved the way for those of us now laying the foundations of our careers in drinks. At Wemyss Family Spirits, we are lucky to be under the mentorship of Production Director, Isabella Wemyss, whose skill and wealth of industry experience is a constant source of inspiration to the team."

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