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Vivid Expressions In Whisky

As Independent Whisky Curators, Wemyss Malts goes beyond the familiar territories of region, age and finish, they paint emotive pictures through flavour - each expression captivates the senses to leave a rich and lasting impression.

Independent Whisky Curators

Founded by William Wemyss in 2005, Wemyss Malts is an independent, family-owned company with a reputation for creating exceptional spirits.

With a meticulous approach, passion for quality and creative mindset, William’s sister, Isabella, hand selects the finest whiskies from across Scotland’s renowned regions to create a beautiful portfolio of blended malt and single cask expressions.

Our Story

The Wemyss family’s centuries-old heritage is rooted in Fife, on Scotland’s East Coast. Sitting atop ancient cages formed within sea cliffs, the dramatic Wemyss Castle is the family’s ancestral home, and the Wemyss Malts brand emblem.