70CL | 46% abv.



The award winning Peat Chimney is a carefully crafted blend of whisky from 4 different Scottish regions with a signature influence of heavily peated whisky from Islay, resulting in a blended malt whisky noted for its rich smokiness, yet balancing citrus and maritime character.


Honey gold

Reminiscent of standing on the seashore with wet shells, tangled hemp rope and driftwood. Fragrant heather smoke drifts over baked peach and apricot with hints of orange peel

Warm peat smoke puffs over a shot of espresso laced with muscovada sugar. A flinty freshness gives way to crisp apple and pear crumble with toasted oatmeal

A sweet smoke slowly sizzles to a softer finale


CHEESE: A strong blue cheese such as Dunsyre or Lanark Blue.

MEAT: Any smoked seafood, or meaty fish is a match made in heaven for Peat Chimney. Smoked Duck or Venison also pair well.

DESSERT: Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content works well as does, surprisingly, lemon cheesecake.

BEER: Brewdog Punk IPA. This is a bit of a chalk and cheese pairing as the crisp citrus notes from the hops in Punk IPA will cut through the rich smoke of the Peat Chimney almost like eating a grape after having some strong blue cheese. Also both the Peat Chimney and Punk IPA have some lemon notes which will complement each other.

To create our blended malt Scotch Whiskies our blending team work to a secret recipe of Base, Support and Signature malts to craft each bottling

Base Malts:
The base of the blend is made from a complex mixture of

• Malt whiskies from the Lowlands that provides citrus and grassy notes.
• Malt whiskies from the Highlands that provides deeper malt notes and mild spice.
• Malt whiskies from the Speyside that provide body and mellow fruit sweetness.

Support Malts:
These malts are charcterful and poweful malts used sparingly to aid direct provding some back bone (or support) to the base of the blend. For Spice King we have used:

• A small amount of Islay malt that provides depth and finish.

Signature Malts:
Whisky from the south of the Island of Islay has been selected for its dry and intense smoke character brought on from using heavily peated barley and cutting the spirit run very late to capture these intense notes.

The Blend:
Powerful Islay signature malt combined with lightly peated Highland whisky creates layers of smoke that are balanced with sweeter Speyside whisky and citric Lowland to cut through the heavier flavours.


Peat Smash

50ml Wemyss Malts Peat Chimney

14 mint leaves

2 bar spoons Demerara sugar

Spritz Fernet Branca

Method: Spray the inside of cup with Fernet Branca. Separately, with all ingredients and cubed ice in a mixing glass, stir until the flavours and aromas of the mint have infused into the liquid. Single strain over cracked ice in cup

Glass: Julep Cup

Garnish: 3 or 4 mint sprigs. Sprinkle with flamed cinnamon

Additionally we recommend The Hive as a Tailor-made Old Fashioned



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